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Hemp has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years—and for good reason. This incredible plant has countless uses, from concrete production to ingestion for homeopathic purposes. At Hermosillo Hemp LLC, we're ready to support all users of hemp products, regardless of the application. Reach out to our hemp store today to learn how you can purchase the finest hemp products.

Where Quality Comes First

There's nothing more important to us than growing excellent products that meet and surpass the strictest standards. To ensure that our hemp plants are of the best quality, we:

  • Start our plants in a greenhouse.
  • Transfer them to the field when ready. 
  • Weed all our fields by hand.
  • Use zero chemicals on our plants or fields.
  • Perform soil sample tests to prove the absence of contaminants.
  • Test our plants to ensure state compliance.

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About Us

Hermosillo Hemp LLC is certified by the State of Michigan to grow and sell hemp products. Our owner - Fernando Hermosillo - has more than 22 years of experience in the agricultural world, giving him the skills, knowledge, and discipline to produce excellent hemp for the consumer market. Hermosillo Hemp, LLC is dedicated to using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods from the start of our first seedlings,  all the way to the compostable shipping envelopes we use to ship our balms.

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